What Is Optical Illusion Art?

Optical-illusion art is a picture or drawing done in such a way that it deceives one's visual perception; it tricks one into thinking it sees an image that was not originally seen. Artwork that utilizes the concept of optical illusion appears in a 3D view generally. The vision does not perceive it as a flat picture, it appears to have a three-dimensional effect, according to Archimedes' Lab.

Archimedes' Lab explains that the illusion is created to depict the object as it is seen in reality. For example, a block can be drawn as a simple, two-dimensional flat object, however, with the additional line and coloring this same block appears as a block sitting on a flat surface. This gives the effect that it can be picked up physically.

The optical illusion artwork is becoming more popular throughout the years, with some areas having artists that create wonderful illusions on the sidewalks or roadways in the city. Optical illusion artwork is a play on one's perceptions. An illusion artwork piece intrigues a person, because he wants to understand how it was created. But he discovers that many times what is depicted is actually impossible to accomplish or understand.

Many such artwork illusions are shown in art education. For instance, Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania shows a historical perspective in its Principals of Artistic Perceptions. These types of illusion artwork can be mind-bending, and challenge individuals to figure out what they are seeing.