What Are Some Facts About Oprah's Breakup With Stedman?


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Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham have not broken up, as of December 2015. They live together in Chicago, Illinois, and have remained engaged to each other since 1992. Winfrey has explained publicly that the wedding should have taken place in 1993, but it never happened due to her busy schedule. Winfrey stated that she worked on a book around that same time, and the couple agreed to postpone the wedding to another time.

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Graham never brought up the subject again to Winfrey, which she considers to be a blessing in disguise. Winfrey also claims that she couldn’t have the life that she created for herself if she did get married.

In early 2015, Graham’s niece, Courtney Shelton, revealed her plan to release a book containing secrets about her uncle’s relationship with Winfrey. Shelton claims that Graham is abusive to his family and that Winfrey turned a blind eye to everything. Shelton also claims that Winfrey isn’t good enough for the family and has done nothing to help them. Other stories about cheating and Winfrey’s alleged drug use are included in the book, according to some sources. The book has yet to be released as of late 2015, as Shelton hasn’t announced a publishing deal.

In response to the allegations, Winfrey’s camp explained that Graham has never abused anyone and is a very honorable man. The statement also explained that Winfrey has tried encouraging his family in the past, and even helped Graham's daughter enter a rehab facility for her drinking problems.

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