How Do You Find Free Online Stories for Kids?

How Do You Find Free Online Stories for Kids?

Children's Storybooks Online, Storyline Online, Free Children's Stories and Turtle Diary are four sites where you can find online kid's stories. All the stories on these sites are free.

Children's Storybooks Online has lists of books divided into three groups: younger children, older children and young adult. Click on the group link of your choice and scroll through the list that comes up. Once you select the story you want to read, click through to Page 1 and read it as an ebook.

At Storyline Online, you can browse stories by title, author or reader. When you select a story, it opens a page with a YouTube video of the story being read aloud. Most of the stories are for younger children.

Free Online Stories is similar to Storyline Online in that clicking on a book link opens a YouTube video. The site format is more basic than Storyline Online, though both sites are relatively easy to use. Books on Free Online Stories are organized by age range: ages 3-5, 5-8 and 8-10.

Turtle Diary has a selection of books for both younger and older children, including biographies, reading books and sports books. When you choose a book, it opens in an interactive format where children can scroll through the pages and read on their own.