What Are Some Free Online Ballet Classes?

online-ballet-classes Credit: Nisian Hughes/Stone/Getty Images

Sources that offer free online ballet classes include Online Ballet Class, Learn to Dance, Dance Plug and DanceClass.com. Students stream or download free ballet class videos, as well as supplemental instructional materials. Students can view online ballet classes from a tablet, computer or smartphone.

Online Ballet Class provides ballet training at various education levels and includes extra documentation for home study. Extra lessons are available for purchase to supplement the free classes. Customer support is available.

Learn to Dance is a resource for free instructional ballet videos. Students learn classical dance terms, foot positions and technique through videos and written explanations. Other types of video tutorials available on the Learn to Dance website are hip hop, Irish dancing, tap dance, Argentine tango and country western dancing.

Dance Plug offers students ballet classes at all levels, with classes taught by renowned dance instructors. Individual online dance classes are free through Dance Plug, though users pay a monthly membership fee.

DanceClass.com provides free online ballet classes for adult beginners. The lessons on DanceClass.com begin with the basic ballet positions and steps and progress through the use of photo guides and video guides. DanceClass.com works to prepare adults to attend local adult beginner classes.