How Does One Draw a Sea Turtle?

How Does One Draw a Sea Turtle?

When drawing a sea turtle, start with the circular base for the shell, draw the fins next, add the head last and then detail the animal, according to educational resource Learn NC. Whether for a summer activity with the family at home or to teach kids before a trip to the aquarium at school, drawing animals can be exciting and instructive.

  1. Draw the circular base for the shell
  2. The base for the sea turtle's shell doesn't have to be exactly circular, so let kids have fun with this part, Learn NC suggests. Kids can draw the shell edge or omit this depending on how realistic that the drawing is supposed to be.

  3. Add in the fins
  4. Create two longer lines near the top of the circle and then two shorter ones nearer the bottom of the circle, drawing resource Drago Art recommends. These lines act as a baseline for the positioning of the fins. Now complete the fins, ensuring that the front ones are longer than the back fins.

  5. Draw the head and face
  6. Between the top two fins, draw the head of the sea turtle. It should have a flatter bottom and a rounder top, Learn NC notes. Don't forget that sea turtles have beaks. Add in a mouth and eyes and the drawing is essentially finished.

  7. Include details
  8. To finish the sea turtle drawing with a touch of realism, include details, Drago Art suggests. The sea turtle's shell should have scales, and the turtle's skin should be scaly as well. Let kids color the turtle as desired.