What are some old wives tales of predicting rain?


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Wives tales used to predict rain include the appearance of a halo around the moon, an angry morning sky and cows lying down. Such wives tales stem from early American farmers observing certain weather conditions that seemed to precede weather events.

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What are some old wives tales of predicting rain?
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The halo around the moon is caused by moonlight shining through cirrus clouds, which can be the first clouds to accumulate in advance of a storm system. An angry morning sky gave way to the adage, ���red sky in the morning, sailor���s take warning.��� In this circumstance, the sun���s early morning light reflects off the clouds indicating a potential storm system may be approaching. Cows lying down as a predictor of rain is attributed to the belief that cows can sense an increase in air moisture and lie down to preserve a dry patch of grass.

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