What Are Some Old Tamil Songs?


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Some old Tamil songs include "Aaramba Kalam," "Kaathodu Thaan," "En Endra Kelvi," "Ennai Thottu" and "Katru Vandhai." Quora.com, Indian-Heritage.org and TubeTamil.com all offer lists of old Tamil songs as well as some videos with song audio.

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Modern-day Tamil people are decedents of the Dravidian ethnic group, who originated in Southern Asia. The Tamils believe their cultural heritage stretches back over 2,000 years. The South India province of Tamil Nadu is still home to many Tamil people in the early 21st century.

Tamil culture has a rich and long history of traditional songs and dances. Recitations of history and legends, folk songs and other types of performances have long been a part of the normal social practices of the Tamil people. Many old Tamil songs from the 1950s and forward became popular through films. Indian films became very popular starting in the 1950s when the Indian film industry began to focus on more social issues that mattered to lower-class Indians.

With popular films as a vehicle to spread their songs, Tamil singers became well-known and loved by the Tamil people as well as other ethnic groups and cultures in India and around the world. The Tamil music industry is still thriving as of 2015.

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