What Are Some Old, Popular Kung Fu Movies?


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Among the greatest Kung Fu movies ever made include "Enter the Dragon" and "The Karate Kid." Both movies demonstrate critical and popular longevity, and many reviewers consider them bona fide classics both in the genre and in cinema overall.

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One of the first successful crossovers between Western action cinema and Eastern mysticism, The Karate Kid tells the story of a bullied kid in California who learns the ways of martial arts through the wise advice of the quintessential Kung Fu instructor, Mr. Miyagi. Many tropes that the film invented continue to influence modern martial arts films, proving that "The Karate Kid" is a beloved movie.

However, before there was ever Mr. Miyagi, there was Bruce Lee. This martial artist turned movie star single handedly stimulated Western interest in a genre that was still largely marginalized in Chinese and Korean markets. Most of the greatest kung fu movies of the 1970s and 1980s either starred Bruce Lee or paid tribute to him. His final film, "Enter the Dragon," is possibly the best martial arts movie ever made thanks to the skill of Lee himself as well as the thrilling climax in the famous Mirror Room, which earned the movie an Oscar for Best Cinematography.

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