How Do I Find Old Newspaper Articles?

old-newspaper-articles Credit: Design Pics/Design Pics/Getty Images

A local library or university library is an ideal place to find a paper copy of a particular old newspaper article. The U.S. Library of Congress provides online copies of U.S. papers through its Chronicling America website, and other fee-based services provide quick and easy access to newspaper articles worldwide.

A local library or university library usually has newspaper archives available via online catalog. Many times it is possible for customers to access them without physically being present. At the physical location, it is often possible to make copies of the paper or to access information on microfilm or microfiche. Opting to go to a local library will also provide those seeking such articles with the opportunity to work directly with librarians who can assist in the search for the right article. A library may also have information that is not available on the Internet.

As of 2014, the Chronicling America website provided over 7 million digital scans of newspaper pages back to 1836; however, the site only provides scans of the pages and not text-based articles. More resources can be found on websites like Additionally, some free directories exist, which consist mostly of links to free online libraries at universities or other institutions around the world.