What Are Some Old Drive-in Theaters Still in Business?

What Are Some Old Drive-in Theaters Still in Business?

Some old drive-in theaters still in business as of 2015 are the Cherry Bowl Drive-In Theater, the West Wind Drive-In and the Stars & Stripes Drive-In Theater. In addition, the Show Boat Drive-In Theater near Houston, Texas, plays movies every weekend.

The Cherry Bowl Drive-In Theater opened in 1953. This theater updated its screen projection system, but still uses its original audio projection stands. Showings at the theater are always double and include cartoons. The theater also has a miniature golf course.

The West Wind Drive-In first opened in 1952 and now occupies a chain with locations in California, Arizona and Nevada. The theater includes a snack bar and playground and encourages attendees to bring a football to toss before the movie begins. Features at the theater include digital projection and audio that plays on each attendee's car radio. Movies at the theater are typically new releases, and they play on the same dates as releases at indoor, modern theaters.

The Stars & Stripes Drive-In Theater is still in business in New Braunfels, Texas. The owner of this establishment took inspiration from his grandfather's drive-in theater from the late 1940s. This theater shows films each night and serves food during movies.

The Show Boat Drive-In is also located in Texas. This theater offers patrons food as well as souvenirs for purchase. It only sells tickets at the gate but accepts credit cards for purchases. Double features play at the theater, and children receive a reduced price. Children aged 2 and younger are admitted to the theater without charge.