What Are Some Old Comic Books That Are Valuable?

Some of the most valuable old comics include “Action Comics #1," “Detective Comics #27" and “Amazing Fantasy #15." These comics feature the first appearances of popular superheroes such as Superman, Batman and Spider-Man, and issues in good condition are worth hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars.

Published in 1938, the inaugural issue of “Action Comics” introduced the world to Superman, one of Action Comics’ most enduring heroes. The anthology comic features Superman’s 13-page origin story along with other short tales of lesser-known heroes. In August 2014, a near-mint copy of “Action Comics #1" sold for $3.2 million on eBay, making it the most expensive comic book ever sold. The issue had an original print run of 200,000 copies and initially sold for 10 cents.

“Detective Comics #27” features the first appearance of Batman, the millionaire industrialist who moonlights as a masked crime fighter. Like “Action Comics,” the book was originally an anthology series, with this issue presenting Batman’s first adventure, “The Case of the Chemical Syndicate.” Near-mint copies of the comic are valued at over $2 million.

Marvel Comics’ struggling anthology series “Amazing Fantasy” let writers experiment with story ideas as the publication’s sales dwindled, and the result was the creation of Spider-Man. “Amazing Fantasy #15" marks the hero’s first appearance, telling the story of Peter Parker, a nerdy teenager who gains superhuman abilities when a radioactive spider bites him. Copies of the issue in good condition are valued at around $263,000.