What Are Some Old Columns by Ann Landers?


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Some old columns by Ann Landers are a 1999 column about whether a woman should change her last name when she marries and a 2002 column that offers advice to a married man that falls in love with a woman with a common interest. Another old Ann Landers column suggests that a woman give her cheating husband another chance.

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In 1999, Landers writes to a woman that couldn't decide what to do about her last name when she marries. Her future husband wanted her to adopt his last name, and the woman wanted to keep her maiden name. Landers recommended that the woman use her maiden name professionally and her married name for social purposes. Many readers responded poorly to Landers' advice, and Landers published a number of responses in her column. Most of the personal responses encouraged the woman to keep her last name when she marries.

Similarly, an Ann Landers column from 2002 offered a man advice about a romantic relationship. The man expressed dismay that his wife had no interest in auto racing. He wanted to pursue a relationship with a woman he met that enjoys auto racing. Landers warned the man that he might live to regret his choice to leave his marriage. Landers also urged the man to consider the children involved in his decisions.

Also in 2002, Landers suggested that a married woman attend marriage counseling with her cheating husband. The woman said that it is impossible for her to work so she does not have a way to support her children financially if she leaves her marriage. Although Landers does not excuse the husband's behavior, she suggested that the couple explore ways to change the man's behavior in marriage counseling before making a final decision about separating.

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