What Are Some Oil Painting Tips and Tricks?

What Are Some Oil Painting Tips and Tricks?

Oil painting tips and tricks include applying a primer before oil painting, and studying color mixing and paint hues. Also, the artist should work in an open, ventilated area with a variety of high-quality materials.

It is important to use a primer on the painting surface before working with oil paints. The primer keeps the oil paint from soaking into the surface and damaging the underlying material. With the primer, the paint sticks to the surface more easily. The primer allows for even painting that does not ruin the painting surface.

In addition, a tip for oil painting is to understand that primary oil paint colors are not true colors. Rather, primary paint colors lean towards yellow or blue. This is important because the artist must understand this color scheme in order to properly mix secondary colors. Furthermore, painting thin layers first and thick layers second helps the first layers of paint dry more quickly. When painting, an artist should keep rags nearby to wipe excess paint. The artist should also keep soap and water on hand to wash brushes.

Working in a ventilated area improves oil painting because the ventilation keeps paints in good working condition. Working in a comfortable space also encourages the artist to practice more and create more work because the setting is inviting and comforting.

Similarly, high-quality materials help produce better paintings. If the artist can afford it, she should buy professional-grade materials or at least a few high-quality brushes. In addition, an artist should have a variety of paint brushes in varying sizes.