How Do You Obtain a Comcast Television Schedule?


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The Comcast television schedule is accessed online at Xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv-listings. The listings are viewable on television by pressing the Guide button on a standard remote and by pressing the Enter button on a digital transporter adapter remote.

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The listings on the Internet are presented in a grid view with filters available for movies, sports, kids and high definition channels. Listings are available for up to two weeks in the future, but past listings are unavailable. Users can change the amount of hours viewed to only one hour or five hours from the standard three, and they can also change the channel order to an alphabetical listing instead of numerical order. If accessed on television, the listings display additional information if the user presses the Info button while a program block is highlighted; however, only 24 to 28 hours of program information is displayed as of 2015.

General television listings are also found at Tvguide.com/listings. The listings are also presented in a grid view, but since the listings are not specific to Comcast exclusively, the correct channel order is not available. Users must instead search channels by alphabetical order, but a search option and a favorite channel saving feature are available for convenience.

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