How Are Obituaries Submitted to the Paducah Sun?

To submit obituaries to The Paducah Sun, go to, and click the Contact Us link located on the left-hand side of the home page. On the Contact Us page, provide an email address, click on the down-facing arrow located under To, and then select Obituaries from the drop-down menu. Provide your name and the content of the message, enter the validation code, and then click the Send Your Comments button.

A customer care representative from The Paducah Sun reviews submissions and gets in touch via the provided contact information for further details. Alternatively, on the Contact Us page of the Paducah Sun website, dial the telephone numbers displayed under the Customer Service category to speak to a customer care representative from The Paducah Sun.

To read the available obituaries, click the Manage Account link located near the top-right corner of the website, provide the login credentials on the next page, and then click the Obituaries link. Visitors must create a new account with The Paducah Sun or log in to an existing account to review all published obituaries and some selected content on the website. To create an account, click the New Subscriber button located on the login page, and provide the required details.