What Are Some Nutcracker Ballet Costumes?

What Are Some Nutcracker Ballet Costumes?

Clara's party dress, the Sugarplum fairy dress, the waltz of the flowers tutu, and candy cane suits are some Nutcracker ballet costumes. Other Nutcracker ballet costumes are flower headpieces and snowflake crowns.

Make a Sugarplum fairy, Marzipan Shepherdess or snowflake tutu by first measuring the waist of the model and cutting a piece of elastic about 3 inches shorter than the measurement. Sew the ends of the elastic together to make the tutu's waistband. Choose colored tulle to match the costume design. For example, use pink tulle for a Sugarplum fairy costume or white tulle for a snowflake costume.

Then, measure colored tulle to the desired tutu length, and cut about 40 to 50 pieces. Individually tie each piece of tulle into the elastic using a slip knot, pushing the knots close together to form the skirt. Continue tying and pushing the tulle until the tutu is complete.

Make a flower headpiece or snowflake crown by first measuring a piece of floral wire to fit the model. Tie or bend the end pieces of the wire together to make a circle. Use white wire for a snowflake crown and green wire for a flower headpiece.

Wrap silk flowers around the wire for a flower headpiece. Wrap paper snowflakes, Christmas ornaments and glitter around the wire for a snowflake crown.