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"November Christmas" is a movie produced and aired by the Hallmark Channel. The premise of the movie is that a father, caring for his sick, 8-year-old daughter, enlists the help of a small town to move Halloween celebrations from October to August and the town's Christmas celebrations from December to November.

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Hallmark based its feature movie "November Christmas" on the book by Vanessa Marks that described her father's love and dedication when Marks suffered a serious illness as a child. Because of Marks' illness, her father wanted to shorten the wait between Halloween and Christmas so that his sick daughter could enjoy both holidays. When her father asked someone in the town about pumpkins and Christmas trees at the same time, Marks' neighbor figured out her father's plan. Eventually, the entire town helped Marks' father bring his daughter the joys of Halloween in August and Christmas in November.

Hallmark first aired "November Christmas" in 2010. Sarah Paulson starred as Beth Marks in the movie and John Corbett played Tom Marks. Also in 2010, Paulson performed in "Collected Stories" on Broadway.

Available on DVD as of 2015, "November Christmas" comes with optional subtitles for the hearing-impaired and an optional wide-screen adaptation. Robert Harmon directed the movie with Brent Shields as the executive producer.

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