What Are Some Novels by Vince Flynn?


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"Transfer of Power," "The Third Option" and "Separation of Power" are some novels by Vince Flynn. These three novels are from the Mitch Rapp series. Vince Flynn was an American author of political thriller books.

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"Transfer of Power" is the third book in the Mitch Rapp series. It is about the president being the target of terrorists who have killed their way into the White House and taken several people hostage. Rapp, the CIA's top counterterroism operative, comes in to try and save the hostages and protect the president.

"The Third Option" is the fourth book in the Mitch Rapp series. In this book, Rapp is assigned the task of tracking down a German industrialist who supplies a terrorism sponsor. The mission encounters trouble, and Rapp is seen as an expendable asset at home.

"Separation of Power" is the fifth book in the series. It is about new CIA director Dr. Irene Kennedy being the target of an inside plot to ruin her and the president's term and Saddam Hussein entering the nuclear arms race. The president calls Rapp in to handle the situation, but he only has two weeks to do so.

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