What Is the Novel "Into The Wild" About?


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"Into the Wild" is a book about Christopher Johnson McCandless. McCandless left his home one day in 1992 with little more than the clothes on his back and walked away from his life. His body was found four months later.

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What Is the Novel "Into The Wild" About?
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"Into the Wild" was written by Jon Krakauer and published in 1997. It is an expansion on a previously-written article called "Death of the Innocent" and investigates what happened to Christopher McCandless. The book takes a non-chronological look at the events leading up to and including McCandless' disappearance and death in 1992. "Into the Wild" became a film in 2007.

The book begins by examining McCandless' actions before his disappearance. He graduates college in 1990 and tells his parents he wants to travel for the summer before settling into a career. In June of 1990, he mails a copy of his college transcripts to his parents and arrives at Lake Mead National Recreation Area in Nevada in July.

As McCandless travels around the park, flash floods damage his car, so he leaves it behind. He piles everything he owns into a backpack and begins exploring on foot. McCandless continues his adventures in and around the park and eventually heads out to the Pacific coast. McCandless finds his way to Alaska by walking and hitchhiking, all the while keeping notes in a journal. McCandless died in Alaska in August, 1992 of starvation, in an abandoned bus near the Sushana River.

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