What Are Some Notable Vietnamese Comedies?

What Are Some Notable Vietnamese Comedies?

Some notable Vietnamese comedies include "De Mai Tinh 2," "Battle Of The Brides 2," "Passport To Love" and "How To Fight In Six Inch Heels." All four movies are available both in English and Vietnamese with subtitles.

"De Mai Tinh 2" tells the story of a Vietnamese businessman who becomes poor every time he falls in love. It was released on December 12, 2014, and earned $268,000 on the first day.

"Battle Of The Brides 2" is a story of a couple who are getting married, but the wedding is interrupted after four other brides show up at the wedding threatening to kill the groom. Thai, the groom, is said to be in a relationship with the four women, including his current bride. His multiple lovers decide to revenge themselves on him.

"Passport To Love" is a story of two Vietnamese best friends, Khang and Hieu, who go to study abroad in Orange County, where they fall in love with two women and ignore their education.

In the movie "How To Fight In Six Inch Heels," a New York-based fashion designer sets out to investigate supermodels in Vietnam to find out if one of them is having an affair with her boyfriend. Instead, she makes new friends among the models.