Who Are Some Notable Verizon Commercial Actors?

Notable Verizon commercial actors include Samuel L. Jackson and Randall Park. Paul Marcarelli also stars in a series of Verizon commercials in which he utters the famous line, "Can you hear me now?"

In Jackson's Verizon commercial, Jackson interacts with Verzon's Siri feature. Jackson asks Siri where he can find organic mushrooms. After a series of interactions with the Siri feature, Jackson tell the Siri voice that it can have the night off. In addition to Verizon, Randall Park also appears in ads for Old Navy and Wells-Fargo. Park appears in the recurring comedy series "Fresh Off the Boat."

Marcarelli appears in a number of Verizon ads in which he pops up in various scenarios to check if his cell phone still works. The ads first ran in 2002. Since his time as a Verizon pitch man, Marcarelli has gone on to write and produce films. While working with Verizon, Marcarelli's contract prevented him from accepting other commercial acting work.