What Are Some Notable Statler Brothers Songs?


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The Statler Brothers number one hits include "Do You Know You Are My Sunshine?," "My Only Love," "Too Much on My Heart" and "Elizabeth." The well-known "Flowers on the Wall" was on the sound track of the movie "Pulp Fiction" decades after being a country and pop hit in 1965.

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Some of their other well known titles include the humorous "You Can't Have Your Kate and Edith, Too" from the 1960s, the nostalgic "Do You Remember These" from the '70s and the energetic "Hello, Mary Lou" from the '80s. Another top 10 country hit, "Charlotte's Web" was featured in the movie "Smokey and the Bandit Part 2," in which The Statler Brothers played themselves. Despite their gift for fun and nostalgic tunes, two of their top records, "Bed of Roses" and "More than a Name on the Wall," spoke to cultural issues of the day. During their career that lasted more than three decades, The Statler Brothers had 33 singles that reached the top 10 on Billboard's country charts.

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