What Are Some Notable Radio Disney Songs?


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Notable songs featured on Radio Disney include "Come & Get It" by Selena Gomez, "Problem" by Ariana Grande and "Get Ready for This" by 2 Unlimited. "Come & Get It" and "Problem" won song of the year at the 2014 and 2015 Radio Disney Awards, respectively.

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Selena Gomez released "Come & Get It" on her 2013 debut album, "Stars Dance." StarGate produced the song, although he originally intended it for Rihanna. When she didn't record the song, it was given to Gomez. The lyrics describe a relationship, although Gomez has stated the song isn't about a specific person. The song peaked at number six on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and received primarily positive reviews.

"Problem" is a song from Ariana Grande's album "My Everything." Max Martin produced the song, which also features Iggy Azalea. The lyrics describe issues with a former boyfriend, and Grande stated that it is based on one of her previous relationships. The song set a record by reaching number one on the iTunes singles chart in 37 minutes.

The group 2 Unlimited released "Get Ready for This" in 1991. The song served as the lead single for the group's first album, "Get Ready!" It peaked at number 38 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts, but its popularity has endured at sporting events. Multiple sports teams, including the Green Bay Packers, the San Antonio Spurs and the San Diego Padres, have used "Get Ready for This" as an opening song. It was the first song ever played on Radio Disney.

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