Which Notable Film Stars Have Died While Shooting a Movie?


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Some notable actors who died while shooting movies include Vic Morrow, Brandon Lee and Martha Mansfield. These actors all died in freak accidents during the course of filming movies.

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Vic Morrow, a popular B-movie actor, died in 1982 while filming “Twilight Zone: The Movie.” In an elaborate scene that called for both pyrotechnics and the use of a helicopter, a pyrotechnic malfunction caused the helicopter’s tail to sever, killing Morrow and two child actors. The film was a box office flop upon its eventual release, at least partly due to the grisly circumstances of the accident.

Brandon Lee, son of martial arts star Bruce Lee, died in 1993 while filming “The Crow.” In a scene that called for Lee’s character to be shot, the handgun used accidentally contained a fragment of a real bullet, which exited the weapon as the gun shot a blank round. The bullet shard lodged in Lee’s abdomen, and he died later the same day.

Silent film star Martha Mansfield died in an accident on the set of “The Warrens of Virginia” in 1923. Mansfield was sitting in a car during a break between scenes when a passerby lighting a cigarette accidentally tossed the lit match into the vehicle. Mansfield’s dress, an elaborate Civil War period costume, was extremely flammable, and she died from the resulting burns the next day.

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