What Are Some Notable Events That Occurred During the 16th Season of "Midsomer Murders"?

In the 16th season of "Midsomer Murders," detectives investigate a stabbing with an antique sword, a series of murders inspired by a medieval fresco and the death of a farmer mauled by a wild boar. "Midsomer Murders" is a British crime drama television show, airing on ITV since 1997.

In the program's 16th season, detectives also pursue the case of a man pushed from a plane and a case of poisoning by strychnine. "MIdsomer Murders" is based on the "Chief Inspector Barnaby" book series by Caroline Graham. The show follows a detective's attempts to solve various murders that occur in the county of Midsomer. As of 2015, there have been 104 episodes and 17 seasons.