When Do Newspapers Post the Answer to the Prior Week's Cryptoquote?


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California's Daily Republic and ArkansasOnline both publish Cryptoquote solutions one day after presenting the problem. Usually, the prior day's Cryptoquote solution is published just under the newest exercise.

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Both Daily Republic and ArkansasOnline publish daily Cryptoquotes that consist of a simple cipher and a relevant starting clue. For instance, a Cryptoquote may inform its reader that the letter A is three times to refer to the letter L and that X is used two times to refer to the letter O. Cryptoquote solvers use apostrophes and single-letter words as hints.

Experienced Cryptoquote solvers typically begin with one-letter words, since the most common one-letter words in the English language are the pronoun "I" and the indefinite article "a." After this, frequency analysis shows which letters show up most frequently within the text. In the English language, the letter "E" occurs more often than any other letter, followed by "T" and "A." If a certain encrypted letter shows up more often than any other within any particular Cryptoquote, there is a good chance that the letter refers to the letter "E," although it is by no means certain. Experienced Cryptoquote solvers also refer to apostrophes since only a certain number of letters may be located after an apostrophe.

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