How Do I Get a Newspaper Article Published?

How Do I Get a Newspaper Article Published?

Get a newspaper article published by observing the admission guidelines of the particular newspaper, including a cover letter, writing with concise language and being grammatically correct. The timing on this project varies depending on the topic and your personal writing style. You need computer access and a printer or an email address.

  1. Following the admission guidelines

    Read and follow the admission guidelines provided by the newspaper to which you want to send your article. These requirements include word length, which generally ranges between 700 and 900 words, and the method of submission. You can usually submit your article via fax, email or mail.

  2. Include a cover letter

    Start by writing a cover letter in which you introduce yourself and your topic. Do not make it too lengthy. Be sure to include your contact information.

  3. Use concise language

    When writing your article, use concise language. Get to the point quickly, and keep adjectives to a minimum. Keep your topic relevant and forward-looking. Try to be ahead of the news rather than behind. Avoid using sketchy or fringe sources. Explain new concepts logically with solid sources, and reach conclusions objectively.

  4. Avoid grammar errors

    Be as grammatically correct as possible. Avoid typographical or spelling errors.