What news stations are there in St. Louis?


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Some news stations in the St. Louis area include CBS St. Louis, KMOV St. Louis and KSDK. Each of these stations airs daily on television and covers standard news such as current events, traffic, sports and weather.

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CBS St. Louis is a local branch of the larger CBS news company. The station focuses more closely on local happenings in St. Louis, but because it is part of a larger national news company, they are able to cover larger news stories throughout the United States and the rest of the world. Along with their daily television broadcast, CBS St. Louis also has a radio station named KMOX that is on AM station 1120.

While CBS St. Louis is part of a larger company, both KMOV and KSDK are entirely local to St. Louis. KMOV airs on standard cable channel four, while KSDK airs on channel five. All of these news stations, as well as others such as Fox St. Louis, have news both on their television broadcast, as well as their websites. The websites make it easy to search through all of the local news, weather, sports and television listings on the tabs that run either across the top or down the side of the page. Furthermore, each of the news stations has a mobile application that is available for download on their websites.

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