What Are Some New Television Series in 2014 That Were Canceled?


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"Believe," "Bad Teacher" and "Surviving Jack" were three 2014 television shows canceled before the year was out. "Believe" aired on NBC, "Bad Teacher" on CBS and "Surviving Jack" on Fox.

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"Believe" was a drama about a 10-year-old girl named Bo with superhuman powers that she could barely control, such as the ability to levitate, control nature and predict the future. "Believe" debuted in March of 2014 and was canceled after its first season in June 2014.

"Bad Teacher" was a comedy series about Meredith Davis, a recent divorcée who anxious to return to a life of luxury after a prenuptial agreement with her wealthy husband leaves her destitute. With minimal professional background, she uses a fake resume to get a job as an elementary school teacher as a platform to meet her next wealthy husband. The school's other teachers range from totally oblivious to highly suspicious of Meredith's minimal effort and unprofessional teaching style as her masquerade unfolds. "Bad Teacher" launched in April 2014 and aired for a season before getting canceled in July 2014.

"Surviving Jack" was a comedy series centered around Jack Dunlevy, a former military officer whose wife decides to go to law school, landing Jack in a heavily increased role raising the couple's high school-age son and daughter. Set in the 1990s, the show aired for a very short run of eight episodes from March to May 2014 before being canceled.

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