How Do You Find New Movie Releases at Blockbuster?

How Do You Find New Movie Releases at Blockbuster? and DISH Network allow users to find and watch new movie releases provided by Blockbuster. In April 2011, DISH Network acquired the assets of Blockbuster through a bankruptcy auction.

In 2013, Blockbuster announced it would close all corporate store locations, but approximately 50 franchise store locations remain open. The company discontinued its DVD-by-mail service at the same time. Blockbuster has shifted from traditional brick-and-mortar stores to online delivery with Blockbuster on Demand. The online service also allows users to watch movies on various devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

As of 2015, Blockbuster@Home offers over 15,000 movies available instantly to DISH Network subscribers. The service also includes 15 premium movie channels and provides 12 new movie release tickets to qualifying subscribers. Customers with the Hopper receiver are allowed to save up to 1,000 movie titles for instant streaming.

In 1985, Blockbuster began operating its first movie rental store in Dallas, Texas. A few years after opening, the company won a court case against Nintendo which allowed it to also rent video games. Blockbuster continued its success during the 1990s and expanded throughout the United States. In 2000, Blockbuster turned down a chance to partner with Netflix for $50 million.