What Do You Need to Make a Three-Dimensional Animal Cell Model?

You can make a three-dimensional animal cell model using a variety of materials, including household, kitchen and craft items. The Internet4Classrooms website provides a list of several do-it-yourself cell model projects, such as a cell made from a bag, corn syrup and other kitchen items.

The items you need to make a three-dimensional animal cell model vary depending on the kind of model you decide to make. The list of cell model projects available at Internet4Classrooms.com provides a range of easy model ideas that use ingredients you may already have on hand. For example, one project uses gelatin, fruit and candy to create an edible 3D cell that clearly displays all the organelles, while another project uses Styrofoam balls, paint, modeling clay and other craft items, such as beads and cardstock, to represent the cell structures.

You can easily customize a DIY cell model to include items you already have. However, it is important to understand the structure and function of the different cell parts so you can select the best items to represent them. As an example, another DIY model on the Internet4Classrooms.com list uses a Ziploc bag to represent the phospholipid cell membrane, Karo syrup for the clear liquid cytoplasm, and an assortment of cereal and candy for the organelles.