What Is the "NED Show"?

What Is the "NED Show"?

The NED Show is a school assembly program geared toward elementary students. NED stands for "Never give up," "Encourage others" and "Do your best." It is a program designed to motivate students.

The NED program helps improve student behavior, increase a student's academic achievement and enrich instructional time. The 45-minute program uses things like magic tricks and humor to motivate students.

The program costs around $1,200 and comes complete with bulletin board kits, homework charts, lesson plans and other student activities designed to keep kids motivated throughout the entire school year. The NED program travels all around the United States and visits roughly 2.5 million school kids each year.

The NED program also offers resources to parents, giving them tools for home as well as school. Parents can encourage their children to make "Champion choices" and download follow-up activities to use after the assembly. After the assembly, kids can head over to the NED website to watch videos and download activities to help them on their way to staying motivated.

To keep the cost of the NED program as low as possible, the NED coordinators use inexpensive items such as yo-yos in their assemblies. This is because combining positive messages with toys tends to solidify the ideals in the children's minds, making them more likely to remember the positive messages relayed during the assembly.