Why Is National Geographic so Popular?


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Some of the reasons for the enduring popularity of the National Geographic magazine are its high-quality photographs and long-form coverage of major world issues. The National Geographic television channel has also developed a number of popular programs, such as "Taboo," "Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan" and "Caught On Safari: Live!"

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The National Geographic magazine has been in publication since 1888 and has built a reputation for insightful articles on world culture and issues accompanied by photographs that are often striking or remarkable. The magazine typically covers major cultural events and developments around the world as well as environmental issues and is widely considered a premier outlet for photojournalism. Detailed supplemental maps are also included with some issues. The magazine also traditionally enjoys some level of popularity with schoolchildren for being one of the only sources of nude photographs available to them, but this may be on the decline with the Internet now being widely accessible.

National Geographic's television network has been on the air since 2001 and mixes entertainment programming with documentaries that touch on similar subject matter covered by the magazine. It is widely available and has several sister channels. The company also has a film division that has produced a number of popular nature documentaries, such as "March of the Penguins."

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