What Are Some Nanotechnology Articles From 2015?


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Articles published in 2015 include “Graphene Could Take Night-vision Technology Beyond 'Predator'," as featured on Phys.org, and “Nanobots Start to Move," published in Scientific American. Nanotechnology articles are found in magazines such as the New Scientist and Scientific American and on Web-based news platforms such as Phys.org.

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New Scientist has published nine articles on nanotechnology in 2015, as of November 2015. Some are news-based articles, while other articles are opinion posts or focus on cultural usage of nanotechnology. One example of an article based on cultural usage of nanotechnology is the article titled “Back to Black: The Enduring Quest to Portray Nothing." The article discusses the concept of using carbon nanotubes to create a black square, inspired by work from the artist Malevich. Other articles published by New Scientist have a focus on technological advancement, including “Clumps of Gold Nanoparticles can Evolve to Carry out Computing."

Scientific American has published 313 volumes of science-related articles, including some based on nanotechnology. Nanotechnology news is found in the more recent volumes, such as Volume 312, Issue 4, which features the article “Nanobots Start to Move." This article focuses on the technical challenges of creating nanotechnology useful in the medicine field.

Phys.org is an online news service that publishes up to 100 articles on nanotechnology per day, offering some of the latest news and opinions in the field. Phys.org features articles linked to sub-genres including nanophysics, nanomaterials, biology and medicine. Many articles focus on groundbreaking results of research, such as articles titled “Nanodiamonds Might Prevent Tooth Loss After Root Canals" and "Engineers Reveal Record-setting Flexible Phototransistor."

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