What Are Some Names of Women in the Bible?


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Abigail, Elizabeth, Deborah, Rachel, Hannah, Rebecca and Sarah are the most popular biblical names for girls as of 2015. There are many other important female figures in the Bible, including Mary, Delilah, Ruth, Esther, Salome and Hagar.

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What Are Some Names of Women in the Bible?
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According to Nameberry, the top most popular biblical names for girls since 1998 are Abigail, Elizabeth and Hannah. Parents to girls born in the 1970s preferred Rebecca and Rachel, although these names continue to be popular as of 2015.

Although Ruth and Esther do not appear as frequently as popular American girls' names, they are the primary heroines of the Old Testament, as Women in the Bible explains. Esther saved the Jewish people from genocide under the Persian king Ahasuerus, and Jews still celebrate her bravery and cleverness during the holiday of Purim. The Book of Ruth in the Old Testament tells the story of Ruth and Naomi, faithful widows who eventually found new husbands and happiness in a new land.

As the mothers of the Jewish and Islamic tribes of the Arabian peninsula, Sarah and Hagar were the all-important wives of Abraham. Sarah was the mother of Isaac, while Hagar bore Ishmael, the ancestor of Muhammad, according to Muslim and Jewish sacred texts.

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