What Are the Names of Some Theaters That Host Plays in Lancaster, Pennsylvania?

Some theaters that host plays in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, include Trust Performing Arts Center, American Music Theatre, Fulton Theatre and The Arts at Millersville University Ware Center. These theaters host a variety of performances, including comedies and musicals. Visitors to the region should check with a specific theater to learn more about the current season.

The Fulton Theatre is known as "The Grand Old Lady of Prince Street." It opened in the city as a meeting hall in 1852. The theater has hosted Vaudeville performances, movies, operas and plays throughout its history. The Fulton Theatre is believed to be the oldest continuously operating theater in the United States. As of 2015, it is one of only eight theaters to have been designated a National Historic Landmark. The Fulton theatre is also home to the Lancaster Symphony Orchestra.

The American Music Theatre opened in Lancaster 1997. It can be found at 2425 Lincoln Highway East. The building holds 1,600 seats and hosts more than 300 performances each year. The American Music Theatre features tours of Broadway plays, comedians, rock concerts and other acts. The theater also is home to original shows, featuring local dancers, vocalists and musicians. Frequent visitors to the theater can become a member to save money on performances.