What Are the Names of Some Short Poems About Hope?

What Are the Names of Some Short Poems About Hope?

There are several short poems about hope, including, "The Way Hope Builds His House," "Hope is a Strange Invention," "The Instinct of Hope," "Hope " and "Walkers of the Dawn." Hope is a common theme in poetry and there are numerous examples available.

"The Way Hope Builds His House" and "Hope is a Strange Invention" are two poems about hope written by Emily Dickinson. Both of these examples are short, with two stanzas in each. The theme of hope is present throughout Dickinson's works including "Hope is the Thing With Feathers," which contains three stanzas. Dickinson, a prolific writer with over 1,800 poems, is considered one of America's greatest poets.

"The Instinct of Hope" is a 16-line poem by John Clare, a 19th century English poet. Clare also wrote "The Fountain of Hope," which contains 15 lines and "Hope," which contains 14 lines. Clare was considered a working-class poet in England. Much of his poetry focuses on nature and its destruction during the Industrial Revolution.

"Hope" is a short poem by Sri Chinmoy that contains four stanzas. Because the majority of Chinmoy's poems are untitled, the poem's theme is apparent in the first line. Chinmoy has a large number of poems to his credit and a large selection of poems about hope. Some of these poems are only two lines long, for example, "Love is hope. Hope is nectar." Chinmoy was an Indian artist and spiritual leader who is said to have written over 120,000 poems during his lifetime.

"Walkers of the Dawn" is an eight-line poem by Langston Hughes. Hughes' poem "Dreams" is another short poem with a theme of hope. Hughes was an American poet whose best-known works came during the Harlem Renaissance.