What Are the Names of Some Polka Bands?


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The Honky Express, The Polka Brothers and The Polkaholics are three polka bands active as of 2015. Two other polka bands are named The Mad Maggies and The Music Box.

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The Honky Express is the name of a polka band formed in the summer of 2005 by former members of the band Tower City Drive. The band's core members are Jody Maddie and Don Sokup. Other members of the band include concertina player Troy Gawlak; Jim Hitsman, who plays primarily wind instruments; and Joe Michnicki, who handles vocals, piano, accordion and bass. The Honky Express generally plays both traditional and honky-tonk polka styles.

The Polka Brothers is a New York-based band that plays a wide variety of songs ranging from polka classics to contemporary songs performed in a polka style, including rock and pop songs. The Polka Brothers, which consists of four musicians who were already well-known in New York City prior to the formation of the band, also play original material and perform all over the country.

The Polkaholics is a three-piece band from Chicago that plays a combination of polka, rock and roll, and punk rock music. Each member of the band has a stylized nickname. As of 2015, the band consists of bassist and vocalist Blitz Linster, guitarist and vocalist Dandy Don Hedeker, and drummer and vocalist Action Jackson. The Polkaholics were formed in the 1990s and released their first album in 1999.

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