What Are the Names of Some Novels Written by VC Andrews?


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V.C. Andrews' most famous novels are in the Dollanganger series, which includes "Flowers in the Attic," "Petals on the Wind," "If There Be Thorns" and "Seeds of Yesterday." Other well-known titles include "My Sweet Audrina," "Heaven" and "Dark Angel."

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V.C. Andrews gained commercial success through the Dollanganger series. The books chronicle the lives of four children who are secretly locked in their grandparents' attic while they wait for the grandfather to pass away, allowing their disgraced mother to inherit a fortune. The children are ultimately abandoned by their self-serving mother and subjected to years of abuse by their hateful grandmother. After Andrews' death in 1986, Andrew Neiderman wrote the final book in the series, "Garden of Shadows," as well as many other titles under her name.

"My Sweet Audrina" tells the story of a 9-year-old who suffers a traumatic sexual assault and attempts suicide. Her father tries to erase her memories of the experience by convincing her that the "first Audrina" was her older sister, and he forces her to spend time in Audrina's room to help her regain the pure and loving spirit she once had.

"Heaven" and "Dark Angel" are the first two novels in the Casteel series, which tells the story of a backwoods family living in poverty. The oldest daughter, Heaven, has dreams of a better life, but her plans are derailed when her stepmother abandons the family and her father begins selling his children to several abusive families.

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