What Are Some Names of Native American Artists?


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Native American artists include Shonto Begay, Tommy Singer and Jim Hart. Native American artists work in a wide variety of mediums from metal, to paint, to wood. Much of the artists' work highlights and shows the history of their people, but some of it is also traditional or pop art that appeals to everyone no matter what race or background they have.

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Begay is a graduate of the Institute of American Indian Arts. Begay was voted as the Best Arizona artist in 1993 by the Phoenix Art Museum Triennial. His work portrays the life of Native Americans and how they try to hold onto traditional values even as the modern world encroaches on their lives.

Singer is an artist who works in jewelry as his primary medium. The work that Singer produces show cases traditional Navajo patterns. The jewelry he makes is styled with chip inlay work, giving the pieces that tiled look that many associate with native work.

Hart was a renowned wood carver who has worked on many large project and assisted other well known artists like Bill Reid, who is know for The Raven and the First Men carving. His work is features in public and private collections both. He is respected for the way his pieces speak to issues like saving the salmon without being blatant or harsh in their delivery.

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