What Are the Names of the Jack Ryan Jr. Series of Books by Tom Clancy?

As of May 2015, "Teeth of the Tiger," "Dead or Alive," "Locked On" and "Threat Vector" are the names of the books in Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan Jr. series. Mark Greaney finished "Command Authority" after Clancy's death in 2013.

The basic premise of the books is that Jack Ryan Jr. works with a covert organization as an analyst and field operative in an attempt to make a contribution without his father's influence. The lead in Clancy's original series, Jack Ryan Sr. moved through the ranks of the CIA to the presidency.

In "Teeth of the Tiger," Jack Ryan Jr. learns that despite his earlier experiences with his father's team, he is not prepared for his new role. "Dead or Alive" pits the character against Emir, a sadistic killer. "Locked On" pushes him into a conflict involving Pakistani terrorists while a political opponent attacks his father's reputation. In "Threat Vector," secret intelligence agency The Campus tries to prevent a Chinese invasion of Taiwan while facing exposure. "Command Authority" focuses on original protagonist Jack Ryan, forced to uncover the secret behind a Russian tyrant's power base.

Jack Ryan Jr. also appears in many of the Jack Ryan books, including "Full Force and Effect."