What Are the Names of Some Good Visual Novels?


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According to the University of Connectiecut's Long River Review, some good visual novels include "Kawata Shuojo," "Narcissu" and "True Remembrance." A visual novel is an interactive fiction game played on a computer or video game console that was originally created in Japan and typically features anime-style characters and game design. Primarily text-based, the games are characterized by very little in the way of gameplay, though players generally make choices that affect how the story progresses.

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Featuring high-quality artwork and six branching story lines, "Kawata Shuojo" is one of the most popular American visual novels. Players assume the role of a character with heart arrhythmia, who is sent to a boarding school for teens with disabilities. Learning to function in his new life, the player also navigates the perils of love, pursuing relationships with different classmates, from the deaf-mute Shizune to the paraplegic artist Rin.

"Narcissu" takes an even more minimalistic approach to the visual novel, providing almost no visual accompaniment and focusing primarily on the game's text and sound. The game opens in a hospital, with the protagonist dying of a terminal illness. A meeting with another terminal patient sets the two characters on a journey that confronts life, death and friendship.

"True Remembrance" takes the visual novel to an extreme, offering a static story with no choices for players to make. The game takes place in a fantasy world beset by a strange illness, and the story centers on a talented doctor and his female patient.

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