What Are the Names of Some BeyBlade Characters?

What Are the Names of Some BeyBlade Characters?

Some BeyBlade characters include Tyson Granger, Kai Hiwatari, Max Tate, Ray Kon and Kenny. Other characters include Hilary, Daichi and Hiro Granger. Tyson, Max, Ray, Kenny and Daichi are on the team BBA Revolution with Hilary and Kai.

Tyson is the BeyBlade world champion after defeating Tala. He is the BBA Revolution team leader, and his best friend is Max. Despite being on the same team as Kai, they consider one another as rivals.

Kai is a former world champion. His features include wing-like bangs, two-tone hair and shark fin face paint.

Max specializes in a defensive style, and his bit-beast is Draciel, the water turtle.

In the original Japanese version, Kenny is known as Professor. In the English version, he is referred to as the Chief. He has expert knowledge in BeyBlading and computer technology. Kenny is the brains of the team and master tactician.

Hilary is not a BeyBlader but she becomes a member of the Bladebreakers as the role of manager and coach. She is characterized as being loud, bossy and overreactive yet intelligent, kind hearted and stubborn.

Ray Kon, formerly of the White Tigers team, is calm and cool. His bit beast is Driger. Ray is married to Mariah Wong.