What Are Some Names Based on Greek Mythology?

Greek mythology is an expansive field composed of gods, heroes and monsters with names like Patroclus, Heracles and Daedalus. There is a huge body of work from which to draw inspiration for names for use either in fiction or in naming one's own children.

Heracles, often Westernized as Hercules, is one of the central figures in Greek mythology. He is the son of Zeus and a mortal woman named Alcmene with whom Zeus had a dalliance. He was famed for his incredible strength and his name has appeared across many cultures as Heracles, Ercole and Ercule depending on regional variance.

Achilles was another Greek hero who was lauded for his prowess in combat. He fought in the Trojan War and was acclaimed a champion of Greece, but his lust for combat caused much concern among his companions. He was bereft by the death of his friend and companion, Patroclus, and exacted terrible vengeance.

Perseus was a hero who succeeded by merit of his guile and the aid of the gods, accepting their treasures and gifts and making use of them in battles with monsters like the Gorgon known as Medusa. Perseus fought for Greece and to purge the land of monsters so that he and his beloved could be safe.