How Do You Find Names of Actors in TV Commercials?

The most popular website listing actors in television commercials is This website can help users located actors listed by commercial and commercials listed by the actors.

In addition to information on which actor is in a commercial, also lists annoying commercials and allows users to take part in occasional polls about movies and commercials. Whenever a new commercial or actor is revealed, the website releases the information in a blog format.

According to the website, a commercial actor in a nationally-broadcast commercial can generally make between $5,000 and $20,000. The website also lists seven of the top commercial actors based on amount earned on a commercial project.

Stephanie Courtney, who plays the popular "Flo" character on the Progressive Insurance commercials, makes about $800,000 a year and is worth an estimated $5 million from her commercial notoriety. The young comedian moved to Los Angeles and, after several years, started finding success when she took on the role of Flo. Her Facebook page has nearly 5 million followers.

Carly Foulkes, who many may recognize as "the T-Mobile girl," has an annual salary of $1 million and an estimated worth of $3 million after she started gracing television screens for the mobile phone company.