How Do You Find the Name of a Song You Hear in a Movie?


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Web and mobile apps that identify melodies and the song-sampling feature on Amazon.com are some tools you can use to find the name of a song that you hear in a movie. Depending on how much information you have about the song, including to what extent you recall the melody and the lyrics, one or all of these tools are potentially helpful.

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To use Amazon.com for song recognition, perform a keyword search for the movie soundtrack. Click on the appropriate result, and peruse the track listing. Each listing corresponds to a sample. Click the play icon to hear the sample.

Midomi.com and SoundHound are Web and mobile apps, respectively. Each is a song recognition app that correlates your own audio input into possible titles and artists. With the free Android or the iOS versions of SoundHound, you sing whatever lyrics or parts of the melody that you remember into your phone, and the app identifies the song for you.

Similarly, on Midomi.con, you find songs by inputting snippets of melody. Since Midomi.com is a Web app, you can sing, whistle or hum snatches of melody into your computer through a microphone, or you can play some of the song through speakers from an external source, such as an mp3 player or an iPod. After you are finished, click Done, and wait for Midomi to suggest possible matches.

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