What Is the Name of Snoopy's Little Bird Friend?

Snoopy's little bird friend is named Woodstock, according to Peanuts.com. In the comic strip "Peanuts," the two are best friends and share many imaginative adventures.

When Snoopy sits atop his doghouse, pretending to be a World War I Flying Ace, Woodstock labors as his trusty mechanic. The yellow bird serves as an efficient secretary to Snoopy whenever there is work to do. The two also relax together, sipping mugs of root beer. In the cartoon, Snoopy is the only one who understands Woodstock's bird language. The Charles M. Schulz Museum indicates that Schulz's comic strip first appeared on Oct. 2, 1950. Woodstock first appeared in 1967, according to Peanuts.com, but the little bird was not identified by name until 1970, the year after the famous music festival.