What Was the Name of He-Man's Cat?

According to Reference.com, He-Man's cat is named Battle Cat. He-Man's real name is Prince Adam. Prince Adam's pet's name is Cringer. Once Prince Adam uses his power to become He-Man, he transforms Cringer into Battle Cat, He-Man's steed and friend in battle.

He-Man is a popular children's toy and cartoon character. He is from Eternia and is the son of King Randor and Queen Marlena. He-Man's main nemesis is Skeletor, an evil sorcerer with a skull head and blue skin. He-Man's companions include Man-At-Arms, Orko and Battle Cat. The cartoons suggest that He-Man obtains his powers from a sorceress who lives at Castle Grayskull. The books that precede the cartoons claim that He-Man's powers come from his sword.