What Is the Name of Clark Gable's Grandson?

Clark Gable's grandson is Clark James Gable, a television presenter for the reality TV show "Cheaters," as of November 2015. Clark James is the son of Clark Gable's son John Clark and Tracy Yarro Scheff.

Before becoming the host of "Cheaters" in 2012, Clark James was a print model and aspiring actor. As the host of "Cheaters," Clark James leads a camera crew to walk in on people in the actual act of cheating on their partners. The show is unscripted and the situation could sometimes turn violent. In one episode, Clark James got stabbed but remains unfazed.

In 2011, Clark James served six days in jail and received three years probation for pointing a laser pointer at a police chopper, which violated federal law. He has two younger brothers from his mother's second marriage to Jason Scheff, lead singer of Chicago.