What Is the "Myron Bolitar" Series?

What Is the "Myron Bolitar" Series?

The "Myron Bolitar" series consist of ten books written by Harlan Coben that revolve around a hot-headed, tender-hearted sports agent named Myron Bolitar. The first book, "Deal Breaker" was published in 1995. The final book in the series, "Live Wire," was published in 2011

In "Deal Breaker," readers are introduced to Myron Bolitar, a sports agent and his star client, Christian Steele. Steele's girlfriend, who is presumed dead, sends Bolitar on a quest to uncover the truth. "Deal Breaker" was an Edgar Award nominee and winner of the Anthony Award.

In the series, Windsor Horne Lockwood III aka "Win" and Esperanza Diaz are recurring characters who get involved in Bolitar's cases.

In "Live Wire," the final book in the series, Bolitar is searching for a missing rock star when he accidentally finds his sister-in-law, Kitty, who along with Bolitar's brother, disappeared many years before. Bolitar tries to locate his missing brother, while their father is dying.

The second, third, forth and fifth books in the "Myron Bolitar" series are "Drop Shot," "Fade Away," "Back Spin" and "One False Move," respectively. "Final Detail," "Darkest Fear," "Promise Me" and "Long Lost" are, respectively, the sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth books in the series.